1 Jahr Fukushima: Weiterhin grosse Anstrengungen bei Aufräumarbeiten

Directly after the accident in Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant on 11 March 2011, ENSI ordered immediate measures for a review of the safety of the Swiss nuclear power plants.

In parallel, an interdisciplinary team of experts from ENSI (the “Japan Analysis Team”) reconstructed the events of the accident and subjected them to in-depth analysis.

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Action Plan Fukushima 2014

The Fukushima action plans serve the purpose of ensuring transparency as regards processing of the identified points until they are implemented. They also provide an instrument for the planning of supervisory work and the assessment of new knowledge gained from the Fukushima accident. In 2014, ENSI is focussing on the pursuit of ongoing work as well as on the following points: Seismic instrumentation Containment integrity during outages Extreme weather conditions Increase in safety margins Hydrogen management Severe Accident Management Emergency management at national Swiss level EU stress tests follow-up   . read more