Research and Experience Report 2006 – HSK-AN-6162

Developments in the technical and legal basis of nuclear oversight

Within its program for regulatory safety research, the Inspectorate awards and coordinates research projects designed to identify and develop knowledge and expertise that can be made available to the regulatory process. This research is geared to current regulatory issues and those likely to be relevant in the foreseeable future.

At present, the Inspectorate is supporting national and international research in the four areas of «Reactor Safety», «Radiological Protection», «Transport and Waste Management» and «Human Factors, Organisation and Safety Culture». A brief description of these projects together with an evaluation of their relevance to safety can be found in Chapter 1. Appendix A contains a detailed scientific description of the research.

Lessons from the incident at Forsmark

The incident at the Swedish nuclear power plant Forsmark 1 on 25 July 2006 sparked considerable media debate worldwide. As soon as the incident was announced, the Inspectorate took immediate action to find out exactly what had happened at Forsmark and whether there were lessons to be learned.