G03 Specific design principles for deep geological repositories and requirements for the safety case – ENSI-G03/e

This guideline applies to deep geological repositories as defined in Article 3 of the Nuclear Energy Act of 21 March 2003 (SR 732.1). It specifies the applicable protection objective and protection criteria and the requirements applying to a deep geological repository. It also sets out the details of the procedure to be followed for demonstrating the safety of a geological repository. It defines key terms in the area of geological disposal (Appendix 1) in so far as these are not addressed in the Nuclear Energy Act. Requirements are stipulated for the operation of facilities, in so far as these are specific to geological repositories and their closure. Where relevant, the provisions contained in other guidelines of the regulatory authority also apply to repository construction and operation.

This guideline regulates the radiological safety of deep geological repositories. Requirements relating to the release of chemo-toxic substances from a geological repository are dealt with in the relevant environmental protection legislation.

Requirements applying to the security and control of fissile materials are regulated in the Ordinance of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) on hazard assumptions and security measures for nuclear installations and nuclear materials of 16 April 2008 (SR 732.112.1) and are included here only if relevant for operational and long-term safety.

The explanatory report on guideline G03 contains explanations and examples of the pertinent requirements (available only in German).

Guideline ENSI-G03 English (PDF, 820 KB)