International Symposium on 20.01.2011 in Brugg

On 20 January 2011 in Brugg, ENSI organised an international symposium on nuclear safety. This event, titled “Current and Future Challenges for Nuclear Power Regulators”, featured a programme of high-calibre speakers.

Jukka Laaksonen, Mike Weightman, Lennart Carlsson, Gustavo Caruso, Javier Reig, Peter Hufschmied, Ulrich Schmocker, André-Claude Lacoste, Bill Borchardt and Hans Wanner (from left to right).

Renowned representatives of worldwide regulatory authorities briefed the invited audience of 250 people about the current status of nuclear supervision. The symposium was staged in honour of Ulrich Schmocker, Director of ENSI (or the former HSK) from 2002 to 2010. You can read a summary of the symposium in the ENSI Magazine, issue 2011.1 (PDF).

Presentations by the individual speakers are available for downloading (as PDF files):