New Nuclear Power Plants

Following the decision by the Federal Council, the planned replacement nuclear power plant at Beznau (to the left in the picture) is never likely to be built. Photomontage: Resun

In 2008, general licence applications were submitted for three new nuclear power plants in Switzerland: the Mühleberg replacement nuclear power plant, the Beznau 1 & 2 replacement nuclear power plants, and a new construction project at Niederamt in the canton of Solothurn. For the purposes of the general licences, ENSI began by examining whether the proposed sites are suitable for the construction of a new power plant. ENSI reviewed the applications from the viewpoint of safety and compiled three assessment reports on them.

Following the events in Japan, Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard suspended the procedures in progress for the general licence applications on 14 March 2011. On this subject, you can also read the media release from DETEC.

On 25 May 2011, the Federal Council decided to abandon nuclear energy in an orderly manner. Consequently, no new nuclear power plants are to be built.