Pierre Steiner steps down from the ENSI Board

Pierre Steiner will step down from the ENSI Board at the end of 2012 after five years of service. Mr Steiner, who is 69, cites his age as the main reason for his decision. The ENSI Board regrets his departure and wishes to thank Pierre Steiner for his work and his great dedication.

Pierre Steiner joined the ENSI Board in January 2008.

ENSI Board Chairman Anne Eckhardt comments: “Pierre Steiner will be missed on the ENSI Board, not only as a personality but also on account of his varied skillset. Thanks to his many years of management experience, especially in the area of change management, he played a key part in ENSI’s ongoing development as an organisation. He was also a vocal representative of the French-speaking region of Switzerland on our Board.”

Pierre Steiner looks back on a positive track record during his five years in office: “I was able to experience an interesting period on the ENSI Board, marked by the development of ENSI itself and the change in Switzerland’s energy policy.” He goes on to emphasise that ENSI’s expertise is internationally acknowledged and that the change from the former Principal Nuclear Safety Division (HSK) of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) to an independent institution under public law was completed successfully. “The new ENSI Board is in a good position after one year in office. Now I would like to make way for a younger person, because my view is that decisions must be taken by the same generation that will have to bear their consequences.”

Pierre Steiner was elected by the Federal Council in 2007 as one of the six members of the newly established ENSI Board at that time. At the end of 2011, the Federal Council confirmed his election to the body (which now numbers seven members) for the 2012-2015 term of office.

Pierre Steiner joined the ENSI Board in January 2008.