5000th Visitor at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory

Last saturday, the 5000th visitor of 2014 has been welcomed at the Visitor Center of the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory. ENSI participates in the Rock Laboratory with its own research projects. As a project partner, ENSI offers guided tours of the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory to interested groups.


Here is the original message published by the Visitor Center:

The interest in the research carried out at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory is continuously increasing. People from all over the world come to visit the Rock Laboratory to learn more about deep geological repositories of radioactive waste and to discuss the matter with experts on site. On Saturday, 6th of December 2014, the 5000th visitor of this year was welcomed at the Mont Terri Visitor Center.

Director Paul Bossart handed Yves Perret, from the apostolic church, a  bouquet of flowers and a small present from the Rock Laboratory. The Director is very pleased to have an increasing amount of interested non-specialists visiting the Laboratory, eager to learn more about the efforts needed to build a safe repository for radioactive waste. “We get visitors from the potential siting regions for deep geological repositories, university students, secondary school students, hiking groups, politicians and people on a company excursion, just to mention a few“, says Paul Bossart.

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The Mont Terri Visitor Center is run by swisstopo, ENSI and Nagra together. A tour through the galleries of rock laboratory as well as the exposition in the Visitor Center let the visitor experience firsthand how the Opalinus clay is investigated and what is necessary for a construction of a deep geological repository. More information and sign up formalities can be found here: www.mont-terri.ch