Dialogue strengthens safety culture

Cornelia Ryser, expert for work and organisation
Cornelia Ryser, expert for work and organisation

«I work in an interdisciplinary team of psychologists and engineers. For me people are not sources of error, but a safety factor. Suitable organisational framework conditions are needed for this purpose. We review these as part of our supervisory work. With our activity we wish to trigger a dialogue in and with those responsible for nuclear installations in order to reflect on safety culture.»

Cornelia Ryser, expert for work and organisation

In addition to the technical aspects of nuclear safety there are human and organisational factors that also have to be taken into account. ENSI specialists analyse the handling of safety issues within an organisation and the psychological phenomena of employees at nuclear installations, in normal operation and in emergencies just as they analyse nuclear technology.

Specialists for ergonomics devote themselves to the examination of the organisational processes that influence nuclear safety. They oversee the organisational structure and process organisation with regard to the safe operation of a nuclear installation.

The experts examine human reliability in normal operation, in emergency situations and during emergency exercises: organisation, introductory training, work preparation, work execution and communication, but also interaction between people and technical systems.

Through their oversight ENSI staff aim to strengthen the safety culture of those they supervise and the independent actions of these people. They check whether and how operators live up to their responsibility for the safety of their installations and whether the organisation, the personnel and the means available are suitable for this purpose.

ENSI cultivates a dialogue with those responsible for nuclear installations and issues guidelines that the plants have to follow. The organisational framework is constantly reflected and developed in service of security.