We vouch for the safety of the population.

Hans Wanner, Director of ENSI
Hans Wanner, Director of ENSI

«ENSI’s successful supervisory work largely depends on the quality of its staff. It is not only their experience and special qualifications that are needed, but also their values, their attitude and their ability to enter into a critical, but constructive relationship with operators and with the stakeholders in politics and society.

As a safety authority ENSI ensures the rigorous enforcement of the legal safety requirements.

For me it is important that we do not become professionally blinkered. That is why we also seek outside opinions and regularly submit to scrutiny by foreign experts.

Our specialists face up to their regulatory task every day at ENSI and locally in the installations. With expertise, conscientiousness and integrity they vouch for the safety of the population.»

Hans Wanner, Director of ENSI