Swiss nuclear power plants are unaffected by irregularities at the Le Creusot Forge

The Swiss nuclear power plants use forgings for the safety-relevant main components with fully documented manufacturing and material quality certificates. This was confirmed by the operators in response to an enquiry made by the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI).

All Swiss operators can produce complete documentation for all forged parts within the main components of their nuclear power plants.

ENSI requested the corresponding proofs because of irregularities in the documentation at the French Le Creusot Forge.

In response to the requests of the operators, AREVA confirmed that no forging used in the main components of a Swiss nuclear power plant is affected by the irregularities.

The nuclear power plants Mühleberg KKM and Gösgen KKG do not use any large components that were forged at Le Creusot.

The nuclear power plants Leibstadt KKL and Beznau KKB do indeed use forgings from Le Creusot, however they are fully documented and as such are not affected by the irregularities.

During the last year, the French regulatory authority ASN uncovered deficits in the documentation of components originating from the Le Creusot Forge.

Consequently, the AREVA Group, current owners of the French Le Creusot Forge, carried out an analysis of all documents relating to the manufacture of forgings at Le Creusot.