Registration requirement for radioactive material to be transported via France

All companies transporting radioactive material to or via France are required to register by autumn of this year. The French regulatory authority, ASN, has issued a notice to this effect, which came into force in summer 2016.

All companies carrying out the following activities must register by 15 October 2016:

  • transporting radioactive material to and via France
  • loading or unloading radioactive material in France
  • handling radioactive material before or after loading or unloading in France

These activities can be registered using an ASN online form. This does not apply to companies that are already licensed or registered to transport radioactive material in France. The registration requirement also applies to activities involving excepted packages.

Mandatory licensing requirement in Switzerland

Unlike France, there is a mandatory licensing requirement in Switzerland rather than a registration requirement. According to Article 76 and Article 125 of the Swiss Radiological Protection Ordinance, all transport operations involving Class 7 dangerous goods with the exception of excepted packages are subject to this mandatory licensing requirement.