The Spanish regulatory authority and ENSI in talks on radiation protection

From 6 to 8 May 2024, a delegation from the Spanish regulatory authority visited ENSI. Discussions focused on the topic of radiation protection, in particular exchanging of experience relating to the Leibstadt NPP and to the Mühleberg NPP, which is currently being dismantled.

International exchange is an important part of the learning culture at the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI). In line with this, ENSI and the Spanish regulator, the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN), have agreed to establish a programme for cooperation and exchange of experience in direct talks.

Visit to the Leibstadt and Mühleberg nuclear power plants

The focus of this year’s meeting was on radiation protection. This included visits to the Leibstadt nuclear power plant (NPP) and the Mühleberg NPP, which is currently being dismantled.

The Leibstadt NPP is of particular interest to CSN because it is of the same design as the Cofrentes NPP in Spain. The visit spotlighted the radiological development of the plant and employees’ exposure to radiation. ENSI presented measures that have already been taken and those that are planned. The Spanish delegation also accompanied ENSI during an inspection.

At the Mühleberg NPP, the focus was not just on the findings of operational radiation protection, but also on aspects of licensing law and regulatory procedures. Decommissioning projects such as the Mühleberg NPP are also subject to nuclear regulation in Spain. ENSI presented the experience gained during dismantling of the Mühleberg NPP, expanding on this during a visit to the plant.

ENSI is also planning to make a return visit to Spain. This will focus in particular on radiation protection at the Spanish Cofrentes NPP.