Radiological Protection Report 2004 – HSK-AN-5438

The Annual Report of the Swiss Nuclear Safety Inspectorate for 2004 provides an overview of the Inspectorate’s work in supervising radiological protection in nuclear installations. In the past, the subjects covered by this Report formed part of the Dosimetry and Environmental Radioactivity reports compiled by the Inspectorate and supplied to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

Section A of the Report deals with the radiological protection of personnel from the hazards of radioactivity in nuclear facilities. It includes a summary of the annual cumulative exposure of individuals during the course of their work. The figures are derived partly from the monthly or quarterly analyses of dose readings monitored with dosimeters of authorised dosimetry laboratories and partly from the use of electronic dosimeters with a visual display.

These dosimeters are an important tool in efforts to ensure maximum operational radiological protection and allow year-on-year comparisons of the accumulated doses for specific tasks in a nuclear installation. The resultant information can then be used to further reduce doses.