Radiological Protection Report 2008 – ENSI-AN-6803

2008 was a very special year for HSK – in fact it was its last. On 1 January 2009, HSK became ENSI, the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate. Further information on the change can be found in the Surveillance Report of ENSI for 2008. To simplify matters for the reader, the new designation of ENSI is used throughout this Radiological Protection Report.

ENSI is responsible for the protection of people and the environment with regard to nuclear facilities. It monitors ionising radiation and radioactivity in the vicinity of nuclear facilities and the Paul Scherrer Institute. It prepares forecasts on the potential course of any nuclear incident, including the spread of radioactivity into the environment and its consequences. It judges whether measures adopted by the operators of nuclear facilities are appropriate.

This is the fifth annual summary report on the radiological protection issues regulated by ENSI.