Dr. Georg Schwarz

Former Deputy Director and Director, NPPs Division

(01.08.2007 – 30.10.2021)

Georg Schwarz

Georg Schwarz studied geophysics at ETH Zurich and was awarded his doctorate in 1991 by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

Following assignments at ETH Zurich and a period as an independent software specialist, Georg Schwarz joined the former HSK in 1994. Since then, he has performed various roles, initially working as Head of IT Systems. Two years later, the Staff function was added to his remit and so he was also responsible for Finance, Human Resources and Public Relations. In 2002, Georg Schwarz became Head of the Division for Support, Coordination and Communication so adding controlling, research and international programmes to his responsibilities.

George Schwarz has considerable experience in change management having run three major projects for HSK: Introduction of the MPM System (Management by Performance Mandate and Global Budget), the preparatory and support work associated with the passage of the ENSI legislation through parliament and finally implementation of the changes associated with the establishment of ENSI.

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