Raffaella Perego

Raffaella Perego

Raffaella Perego (born in 1972) studied chemistry, specialising in inorganic physical chemistry, in Turin (Italy). She then participated in materials research for solar cells and lithium ion batteries as a member of the scientific staff at the Delft University of Technology (TU), Netherlands.

In 2000, she moved into the field of radiochemistry, working on the research reactor of the TU Delft, where she focused on radioactive metal complexes for palliative tumour therapy. Between 2002 and 2004, she studied for her doctorate in the same department, with a thesis on new neutron-based analytical methods. During this period, she was a guest scientist at various institutes including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (US) and the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements of the European Commission (Belgium).

From 2005 until 2008, Raffaella Perego worked as Senior Scientist at the Technical University of Munich, where she developed radioisotopes for medical applications in cooperation with Isotopen Technologien München AG. In parallel with her scientific and academic activities, she completed her training as a radiation protection officer (at TU Delft) and was an instructor on officially recognised radiation protection courses in the Netherlands and Germany.

After holding a position at the European Patent Office in Munich for one year, she and her family moved to Switzerland, where she took part in neutron radiography measurements on fuel cells at the Electrochemistry Laboratory of the Paul Scherrer Institute.

She has been Technical Secretary to the ENSI Board since the end of 2010.