Emergency Preparedness

The objectives of emergency preparedness are to protect the impacted population and the basis for their livelihood, and to limit the effects of an event. The tasks and duties of bodies at federal, cantonal, regional and commune level, and of the operators of nuclear plants, are stipulated in the Emergency Preparedness Ordinance.

You can view the zone plans published on the geoportal of the Swiss Confederation by clicking here.

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Externes Lager für Notfälle

Operators of nuclear power plants in Switzerland have met the ENSI deadline of 1 June 2011 for the creation of an external store for emergency equipment. ENSI inspectors consider that the store meets its requirements.

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Protection of the population and ecosystems take priority if there is an unplanned release of radioactivity. To do so, it is essential to identify the areas most at risk from radioactivity as early as possible. However, before any radioactivity is released (in the pre-phase) no radioactivity measurements are available. Therefore, the hazard can only be […]

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In an emergency ENSI ensures the rapid notification of the responsible authorities and specialist units such as the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC). Furthermore, ENSI specialists prepare forecasts on the anticipated development of the abnormal occurrence and its consequences.

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