EU Stress Test

EU-Stresstest: Expertenteam kommt Ende März in die Schweiz

The safety of Swiss nuclear power plants and their continuous inspection is one of ENSI’s most important areas of responsibility. ENSI instructed Switzerland’s nuclear power plant operators to participate in the EU stress test to compare all four sites with others in Europe and to have them inspected by ENSREG and the European Commission.

Generally speaking, the stress test represents a revaluation of risk in consideration of the experiences gained from Fukushima.


The tests at the time confirmed that, in international comparison, Swiss nuclear power plants have a high safety level. Despite these learnings, it is important to remain attentive at all times, to keep the proofs of safety up to date, to live a strong safety culture and to systematically analyse events.

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The experts of the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) have joined others in awarding good marks to Switzerland’s nuclear power plants. In their assessment of Switzerland’s National Report for the EU Stress Test, the EU experts conclude that Swiss nuclear power plants meet the international safety requirements in all areas, and Switzerland is even […]

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The EU Stress Test provides renewed confirmation that Swiss nuclear power plants maintain a high standard of safety, and that the measures implemented to date on the basis of knowledge gained from Fukushima are correct. Taking account of the submissions from operators, the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) has, however, identified a further eight “open points” which supplement the 37 checkpoints derived from the Fukushima analysis.

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