2014 ENSI Oversight Report – ENSI-AN-9252

In 2014, the licensees complied with their statutory obligations to provide ENSI with reports and nuclear safety at all plants was rated as good.

There were 38 reportable events in the Swiss nuclear power plants:

  • 5 events at each of the two Beznau units,
  • 11 at Gösgen,
  • 9 at Leibstadt and
  • 8 at Mühleberg.

During the year under review, there was one reactor scram, which occurred on 5 July 2014 at the Leibstadt nuclear power plant. On the international Event Scale (INES), ranging from 0–7, 37 of the 38 reportable events in nuclear power plants in 2014 were rated as Level 0. One event – in the Leibstadt nuclear power plant – was rated as INES 1. In this incident, drill holes had penetrated the steel wall of the containment. The holes had been drilled to secure two handheld fire extinguishers.