Dr. Marc Kenzelmann

Director General

After several years of research at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, Mr Kenzelmann (49), a biologist with a doctor’s degree joined the Federal Office for Civil Protection in 2007. Until 2013, he was head of the National NBC Protection Office in the Spiez Laboratory. Since 2013, he has been Deputy Director of the Supervision and Safety Division at the SFOE. Among other things, he is responsible for risk management and the supervisory and safety culture of the authority. The Division is also responsible for national nuclear material control and accounting and for tasks arising from Switzerland’s international obligations in this field. It also supervises the Swiss dams, the gas and oil pipelines, the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations and the financial policy instruments such as the Decommissioning and Waste Disposal Funds and the Network Surcharge Fund.

Marc Kenzelmann has taken office as ENSI Director General on 1 July 2020. He has been elected by the ENSI Board on 28 August 2019. 

ENSI Executive Board