Topical Peer Review 2023: Interested members of the public can submit questions on «fire protection in nuclear installations»

Every six years, the EU Commission and the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) organise a Topical Peer Review (TPR): a thematically focused review of nuclear installations by international experts. The main topic of the 2023 TPR was fire protection in nuclear installations. Switzerland and numerous other European countries submitted a country report to ENSREG as part of the TPR. The interested public has now the opportunity to ask questions about these country reports.

While the main topic of the last TPR in 2017 was ageing management, the TPR 2023 focused on fire protection in nuclear installations. The interested public already had the opportunity to participate in the planning of the TPR 2023.

Within phase I of the TPR 2023, Switzerland as well as numerous other countries submitted country reports. In these reports, the fire safety precautions in the respective nuclear installations were presented and evaluated. These country reports are publicly available on the ENSREG website. Within phase II of the TPR 2023, which has now started, interested members of the public have the opportunity to submit questions to ENSREG about the published country reports. Questions on the topic of «fire safety in nuclear installations» can be submitted to ENSREG via the online question form until 9 February 2024.