Long-term operation takes centre stage

With the service mandate from 2024 to 2027, the ENSI Board has set new targets for the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI). The focus of ENSI’s regulatory activities is now the safe long-term operation of the nuclear power plants.

The safe long-term operation of Swiss nuclear power plants is becoming increasingly important within the scope of ENSI’s regulatory activities. The ENSI Board has provided for this in the new service mandate. The nuclear power plants continue to contribute an important proportion of the national energy supply. According to the ENSI Board, geopolitical tensions and the implementation of the Swiss energy strategy are also contributing to the focus on long-term operation. Another key point is skills retention in the nuclear power industry.

To integrate the various areas of ENSI as comprehensively as possible, the new service mandate also includes goals for international activities, research, organisational optimisation, quality assurance and risk management.

The ENSI Board formulates a service mandate for ENSI every four years (Article 6 para. 6 letter a of the ENSI Act). This is translated into implementable terms in annual service agreements. The ENSI Board regularly checks compliance with the strategic goals and reports on this compliance in its annual report.