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The ENSI Board is the strategic and internal supervisory body of the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate. Its members are elected by the Federal Council for a term of office of four years on each occasion and, in particular, they have a specialist knowledge of nuclear safety as well as management experience. They are not permitted to engage in any commercial activities, nor may they hold any office at Federal or cantonal level which could detract from their independence.


The ENSI Board endeavours to continue strengthening ENSI as a supervisory authority, and is committed to the ongoing improvement of safety. For these purposes, it strives to be open and transparent, and to maintain constant dialogue with all stakeholders as well as the general public.

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The Federal Council’s energy strategy for 2050 is based on a gradual withdrawal from the nuclear energy programme. Under the new conditions, ENSI, as a specialised body of the Confederation that is politically and economically independent, also ensures the safety of nuclear installations.

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