To comply with an ENSI requirement, the nuclear power plant operators carried out a thorough investigation into the seismic hazard at the NPP sites from 2001 to 2004 within the scope of the PEGASOS (German acronym for «probabilistic seismic hazard analysis for Swiss nuclear power plant sites») project. ENSI’s assessment of the PEGASOS project was mainly positive. Based on the project results, ENSI took measures to further enhance the earthquake safety of the Swiss NPPs. ENSI also highlighted potential refinements which could help to decrease the substantial spread of the hazard results.



Although nuclear power plants are some of the most earthquake-resistant buildings in Switzerland, earthquakes are a major part of the risk of nuclear power plants. “This is precisely why we are so keen to ensure that nuclear plant operators regularly update their comprehensive seismic safety cases and that these then comply with the latest scientific […]

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ENSI-AN-9657 ENSI closely followed the PRP project from its inception with an experienced expert team. In its final review report ENSI acknowledged that the state-of-the-art in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment was further improved by the PRP project. ENSI assessed the achieved refinements in the project focal points – the «ground motion characterization» (subproject 2) and the […]

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