ENSI Final Report: Review Approach and Comments Concerning the PEGASOS Refinement Project (PRP) and the PRP Summary Report


The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI has set out new requirements for assessing seismic hazards in Swiss nuclear power plants in the light of the latest scientific findings. Plant operators are required to provide further proof, in three stages, by the end of 2020, that their plants can withstand even an extremely unlikely powerful earthquake. The last time they had to provide such seismic safety case was following the Fukushima reactor accident back in 2011.


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ENSI-AN-9657 ENSI closely followed the PRP project from its inception with an experienced expert team. In its final review report ENSI acknowledged that the state-of-the-art in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment was further improved by the PRP project. ENSI assessed the achieved refinements in the project focal points – the «ground motion characterization» (subproject 2) and the […]

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