Research reactors

Nuclear research facilities at PSI

  • PROTEUS reactor (decommissioned)
  • Hot laboratory (decommissioned)
  • Diorit, Saphir (decommissioned)

EPF Lausanne

  • CROCUS reactor at EPF Lausanne

Background Articles

OECD MCCI, Melt Coolability and Concrete Interaction: the OECD MCCI (Melt Coolability and Concrete Interaction) project concerns severe accidents in which the reactor core melts due to the absence of cooling, after which the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) also fails. In the reactor building, the corium reaches the concrete foundation, which should be prevented from […]

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Im August 1955 nahmen Forscher auf dem Gelände des Eidgenössischen Instituts für Reaktorforschung (EIR) in Würenlingen (AG) den „Diorit“-Reaktor in Betrieb.

OECD CABRI Waterloop Project: experiments on the high burn-up behaviour of fuel rods in case of rapid reactivity incidents were carried out on the CABRI research reactor in Cadarache, France. These incidents occur when the reactor briefly becomes over-critical due to the rapid, uncontrolled movement of a control element or control rod. The project is […]

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