The international IAEA team

IRRS Entrance Meeting

A total of 24 experts – most of them high-ranking representatives of national nuclear supervisory authorities – are inspecting ENSI in the period from 21 November to 2 December 2011:

1. Jean Christophe Niel, France (ASN), Team Leader with overall responsibility for the IRRS mission in Switzerland
2. Eric Leeds, USA (NRC), Deputy Team Leader
3. Marta Ziakova, Slovakia (UJD), IRRS Reviewer
4. Gustaf Loewenhielm, Sweden (SSM), IRRS Reviewer
5. Lamberto Matteocci, Italy (ISPRA), IRRS Reviewer
6. Petteri Tiipana, Finland (STUK), IRRS Reviewer
7. Miroslav Jakeš, Czech Republic (SÚJB), IRRS Reviewer
8. An Wertelaers, Belgium (FANC), IRRS Reviewer
9. Gennadiy Samokhin, Russia (SECNRS), IRRS Reviewer
10. Thomas Wildermann, Germany (UMBW), IRRS Reviewer
11. Sukho Lee, South Korea (KINS), IRRS Reviewer
12. Aurelie Wawresky, France (ASN), IRRS Reviewer
13. Eliana Amaral, Brazil (CNEN), IRRS Reviewer
14. Steve Whittingham, UK (DFT), IRRS Reviewer
15. Bruce A. Watson, USA (NRC), IRRS Reviewer
16. Vladimir Jurina, Slovakia (UVZSR), IRRS Reviewer
17. Malgorzata Sneve, Norway (NRPA), IRRS Reviewer
18. Raul Dos Santos, Brazil (CNEN), IRRS Reviewer
19. Peter Uhrik, Slovakia (UJD), Observer
20. Adriana Nicic, IAEA Team Coordinator
21. James Torrens Stewart, Deputy IAEA Team Coordinator
22. Ivan Lux, IAEA Review Area Facilitator
23. Peter Zombori, IAEA Review Area Facilitator
24. Martyn O. Ubani, IAEA Administrative Assistant