Technical Forum on Nuclear Power Plants (TFK)

The Technical Forum on Nuclear Power Plants (TFK) provides the Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) with a platform where questions raised by the general public on the safety of Swiss nuclear power plants can be discussed. Comments on safety issues are made by members of this permanent body, who include representatives of communes, cantons, non-governmental organisations, nuclear power plant operators/licensees and the authorities involved.

The TFK was set up following the public forum held by ENSI in September 2012, when many questions from the general public were already answered.

You can use the question form (below) to put your specific questions to the TFK. Please note that this form is available only for questions to the TFK. For questions under the terms of the Transparency in Government Act (Öffentlichkeitsgesetz, BGÖ − access to official documents) and general enquiries, we request you to use the forms provided for those purposes.


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The arrangements for assigning your question will be decided at the next meeting of the Technical Forum. Your question will then be published here. Once the answer is available, it will also be published here.