Expert Group on Nuclear Waste Disposal: Fritz Schlunegger re-enters the EGT as ordinary member

Once again the Expert Group on Nuclear Waste Disposal EGT is complete. The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI was able to win Fritz Schlunegger as the successor to Annette Johnson. Fritz Schlunegger has already been a member of the EGT.


“With his expertise in quaternary geology and landscape development, Fritz Schlunegger is an ideal addition to our existing team”, stated Michael Wieser, Director of the Waste Disposal Division within ENSI. Furthermore, his many years of experience in the area of deep repository assessment makes him a valuable member of the expert group.

The Professor of Exogene Geology at Bern University has already supported the EGT in the past. He was an ordinary member of the EGT until March 2013, then over the last three years reduced his commitment to occasional support of the expert group because of his mandate in the National Research Council. He replaces Annette Johnson, who retired at the end of 2015 on health grounds and sadly died shortly after.

The Expert Group on Nuclear Waste Disposal EGT

EGT supports ENSI within the scope of the sectoral plan for deep geological repositories, giving its views on earth science and construction issues. The expert group comprises seven members, all scientists working in differing fields in universities and research institutions both within Switzerland and abroad, and is deployed by ENSI in consultation with the Swiss Federal Office of of Energy. The EGT was founded in 2012 and took over the role of the dissolved Commission for Nuclear Waste Disposal KNE.