Specialist issues

Storage in deep geological repositories is internationally recognised as the safest way to manage radioactive waste. Switzerland too will follow this path. The search for a suitable site for a deep geological repository that is currently under way is prompting many questions from the general public. Various options for obtaining information or asking questions are open to anyone who is interested in this issue.

Technical Safety Forum

The “Technical Safety Forum” has been set up in order to answer questions. The general public, communes, cantons and organisations as well as neighbouring countries can submit questions about the storage of radioactive waste in deep geological repositories to the Technical Forum. The Technical Forum is managed by ENSI, the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate. The Technical Safety Forum consists of experts from the authority that manages the process (the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)), and from the authorities that inspect and support it (ENSI and swisstopo), various commissions (the Federal Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC), the Expert Group on Nuclear Waste Disposal (EGT)), NAGRA (the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste), the cantons, and representatives from each of the regions where the sites are located. Thanks to this approach, differing opinions can be contributed to the discussion.

Information brochure: “Deep Geological Repositories”

The information brochure on deep geological repositories (available in german) uses simple, easily understood language to brief the general public on various issues related to storage in deep geological repositories.