Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Sectoral Plan: Selection of a minimum of two siting areas

In Stage 2, waste producers identify potential locations within the siting areas approved in Stage 1. They are required to take account of safety and technical feasibility, spatial planning requirements and economic/socio-economic aspects. Waste producers are required to select two sites for each type of repository for inclusion in the Sectoral Plan as an interim result. Stage 2 is divided into the following steps:

Designate sites in the selected siting areas: The waste producers in cooperation with the relevant cantons and regions draw up – inter alia – proposals for the layout of surface facilities.

Comparative evaluation and proposal of at least two sites: The waste producers complete provisional quantitative safety analyses for each of the designated sites. The resultant report must include the methodology, the results of the comparison and a justification of the site selections.

Review of safety and engineering feasibility: ENSI and the technical commissions (NSC, CRW) review and evaluate the sites designated by the waste producers.