Stage 3

Stage 3 of the Sectoral Plan: Site selection

As part of Stage 3 and in order to facilitate a full comparison of the relevant safety of each site, the remaining sites are the subject of detailed investigation. Geological data is expanded – if necessary by further geological studies. Work continues on the plans for the repositories in conjunction with the siting regions. This includes a detailed investigation of the socio-economic impact of the repositories. The waste producers then propose sites for one HLW repository and one L+ILW repository and submit the associated applications for a general licence.

These applications are then reviewed by the competent federal authorities. The prime issue for the reviewing authorities is that of safety, i.e. the permanent safety of humans and environment. The geological properties of the site are of particular importance but the entire system must be safe, i.e. the waste, technical barriers and surrounding natural barriers. The Guideline ENSI-GO3 lists the criteria used in the evaluation of the long-term safety of a deep geological repository.