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ENSI is also focusing on safety culture

A good safety culture is necessary in order to ensure that technical installations are safe. There is widespread agreement on this point across all specialist disciplines and sectors. ENSI, the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate, also gives consideration to safety culture in its supervisory work. In a new report on supervisory practice covering various issues, [...] read more...

ENSI has a new mission statement

“We strengthen safety.” The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate has developed a new mission statement under this motto. It was developed with the involvement of every employee and replaces the mission statement from the year 2009.


International Affairs

Hans Wanner était présent à la réunion d’Ottawa en tant que président de l’Association des régulateurs d'Europe de l'ouest (WENRA).

International Affairs

In Switzerland, on-going activities regarding safety assessment of the different stages in the lifetime of nuclear installations consist of periodic assessments and assessments of long-term operation for existing Swiss NPPs. When it comes to international affairs, Switzerland has signed the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS) on 31 October 1995. In November 2011, an IRRS Mission […]

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Wasserschloss, Hochwasser 2007


ENSI has accepted the proof of ability to withstand flooding submitted by all Swiss power plants. All of them will cope with an extreme flood of the sort that may occur on average once every 10,000 years.

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