ENSI has a new mission statement

“We strengthen safety.” The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate has developed a new mission statement under this motto. It was developed with the involvement of every employee and replaces the mission statement from the year 2009.

ENSI_Leitbild_Charte_de_lIFSNENSI is the independent federal inspectorate for the nuclear safety and security of Switzerland’s nuclear power facilities. The inspectorate works in an environment that places high demands on the regulatory authorities. “We are well aware that successful supervisory activities depend to a significant extent on the technical qualifications of all employees, but also on their values and their capacity for constructive cooperation – both internally and externally”, explains ENSI Director General Hans Wanner.

ENSI’s independence and technical competence are a central concern of the ENSI Executive Board. This has found expression in, among other things, the code of conduct adopted in the year 2012. The new ENSI mission statement 2013 was developed accordingly on behalf of the ENSI Executive Board.

All employees were involved in the process. The new mission statement was approved by the ENSI Executive Board at the end of 2013. It will come into force on 1 March 2014.