Polish Delegation enquires about nuclear supervision in Switzerland

A four-member delegation from the Polish National Atomic Energy Agency (PAA) is currently in Brugg for talks with the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI). Their interest during the three-day visit is related to ENSI’s integrated management system and the regulatory safety culture.

“For us, the visit is an ideal opportunity to learn from ENSI,” says PAA Director-General Artur Wdowczyk. Poland is currently examining the construction of its first nuclear power plant and the PAA is seeking an exchange of information with other regulatory bodies that have long been responsible for the supervision of nuclear installations.

“We are using the three days in Switzerland to collect examples of good practice in the area of management systems and also with reference to the safety and security culture, so that later we can incorporate it into our organisation,” explains Michal Koc, Head of the Department of International Relations at the PAA.

The visit of the Polish delegation serves as training opportunity for the PAA and is based on the Memorandum of Understanding between Poland and Switzerland signed in September 2016. The aim of this agreement is a strengthened cooperation and is an exchange of regulatory information within the field of nuclear supervision.