Technical Forum on Nuclear Power Plants

The Technical Forum on Nuclear Power Plants (TFK) provides the Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) with a platform where questions raised by the general public on the safety of Swiss nuclear power plants can be discussed. Comments on safety issues are made by members of this permanent body, who include representatives of communes, cantons, non-governmental organisations, nuclear power plant operators/licensees and the authorities involved.

Form for submitting questions to the TFK

Questions submitted / answers provided

The mandate of the Technical Forum on Nuclear Power Plants

  1. The Technical Forum on Nuclear Power Plants (TFK) is a platform to facilitate transparent and in-depth discussion of technical safety issues related to the operation of nuclear power plants.
  2. Operators and licensees of nuclear power plants, the cantons, communes, interested organisations, experts and political representatives from Switzerland and the neighbouring areas of Germany may participate in the TFK.
  3. Questions discussed in the TFK may be submitted by the general public and also by members of the Forum. The questions and answers are intended to provide information for the participating organisations and to help them form opinions.
  4. ENSI collects the questions and forwards them to the members; the receipt of questions is recorded.
  5. ENSI arranges the questions by subjects, and organises their discussion in the Forum.
  6. ENSI proposes the procedure for dealing with questions, and records the processing status of questions considered in the Forum. The answers reflect the positions of the organisations providing such answers, not those of the Forum itself.
  7. The answers to questions discussed in the TFK are posted on the Internet so that they are accessible to the public.
  8. The Forum convenes two or three times per year, or as required. ENSI issues invitations to its meetings and draws up a written record of decisions, which is sent to the members for their comments.
  9. It is possible to submit technical projects to the participants.